Omnimare Dive boat and Ubatuba Dive trips.

  Apimi that means Diving in Tupi – Guarani, the Indian language, is a 41 feet Caribbean

  offshore vessel that is setup to accommodate 20 divers comfortably. 

  On board amenities include mineral water, softs drinks, sandwiches,

  fruits and a smiling crew. If interested,

  it can also be made available for half or full day private charters. 

  Our diving trips usually occurs on weekends and national holidays.

  The boat departures at 8:00 and returns around 2:00pm.

  Our boat departures from a local pier called Alemão.

  It is close to an ice factory in Itagua.

  Click here for a link of maps.google from Sao Paulo to the Pier:



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