Start Diving!

Why? Fun, Adventure and Experience!

Start scuba diving with Omnimare in Ubatuba.

Escape to a different world! Scuba diving takes you to a different world with new colors, format, textures and creatures. Became a scuba diver and escape to a calm place to renovate your energies and awake your senses. Explore new places! You can dive in reefs, historical wrecks, lakes or rivers. Experience a nature connection and a feeling of liberty underwater. Diving is going to change your Life perception forever. You are going to experience the emotion and happiness to breathe underwater, the amazing feeling of being in contact with extraordinary creatures and make new friends out of the water.

How much are you going to spend to learn scuba diving?
If we compare to any other adventure sport or outdoor activity, learn how to dive isn’t expensive. For example, you can expect to pay the same or almost the same that you would pay for:

  • A weekend of hiking classes.

  • A weekend of windsurf classes

  • A weekend of kytesurf classes

  • Three hours of private golf classes

  • Three hours of private ski classes.

Learn to dive with a qualified and experienced scuba Instructor will increase your chance of having fun with safety. Invest in well done scuba lessons and you will learn something that will bring joy and fun for the rest of your life. From the very first day, diving began to transform your life with new experiences that you can share with your family and friends, and you can dive anywhere with water.

How is the Open water diver course and how long does it take?


PADI Open water is flexible and we will do our best to make this experience a very enjoyable one by working with you to help accommodate your busy schedule and to give you the personal attention that you deserve.  To complete the open water diver you will need at least o 04 days, 02 days of Theory and pool practice and 02 days of sea diving ( check-out). You can do this in two weekends or from Thursday till Sunday.

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