Why? Friendship, Adventure e Fun!

Take a Scuba Review with us: In just two hours you will feel ready to return diving and have underwater fun. This program is for those who need to remember or improve their underwater skills.   It is a program that will certainly break that barrier that you may feel untrained to make a first dive after a long time.

 Availability: any day of the week here at Omnimare.  You just have to call and set an appointment.

Do a Scuba Review with Omnimare.

Our divemasters or instructors are ready to help you get back having fun underwater. Make a Diving Adventure! You can have a quick training with one of our instructors and on the next day, you can have an adventure dive with him. You can choose one of the following adventures dives:

Night dive

Underwater navigation

Drift dive

Deep dive

Multilevel dive

Nitrox dive

Underwater photography

Underwater video and others subjects.

These issues will be noted in your logbook and be counted as part of your advanced course or as part of the specialty course and you will make a different dive, fun and with a great buddy. If you have done diving adventure deep + underwater navigation dive more 03 different adventure dives, you might already be certified as an Advanced Diver.

Keep diving and having fun with Omnimare team.

Advanced Course
In just 03 days you can increase your knowledge and gain experience in new dives, expanding your diving opportunities! Do: Deep dive, Night, Multilevel, Underwater Navigation and Search and Recovery dive. You can enroll at our on line classes do the theory part and we will set the dives according to your availability and our schedule.




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